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The next generation of Work-Tracking tools

PASALO provides advanced technology to track work with ease, automate tasks and use the power of maps to manage your field force.

Post, assign, update and transfer tasks between work teams with ease.

Automate tasks, activities and actions within work teams and among them to elevate performance.

Visualize and manage your tasks and field force in real time to have a whole new perspective of your operations.

Use our map view to track and monitor your field work in real time so efficiently as any advanced Operations Control Center.

Create as many work teams as you want to make work flow. In each work team control actions and access to data through the definition of roles.

Track work flow in real time using cutting-edge mobile and web-based applications.

Visualize work with a “new perspective”.

Experience the feeling of an advanced Operations Control Center in the palm of your hand

PASALO is a modern and cutting-edge web/mobile platform that enables you with an advanced map view to display, manage and process your work field data in realtime. It’s a friendly and easy way to have your own Operations Control Center anywhere, at anytime.

Track and deploy work from everywhere.

Enhance the PASALO experience using our latest version of our mobile and web apps.

Discover all the features

PASALO’s main logic is organized around two concepts, work teams – called communities and tasks. Learn about the flexibility and features that this approach brings to the entire PASALO ecosystem.

Discover all the features

Think of a community as a group of people sharing a common workflow, this can be specific teams, workspaces or groups. Each community is empowered to:

Define tasks that you’ll work within the community, the icon used in map view, its sub types, time of completion. A default status (pending, in progress or completed) is always associated to a task with a specific color for easy visualization in map view. To track advances and monitor performance you can create additional statuses to be updated through the workflow.

Control security levels, access to data and features available to users through the use of roles in each community.

Post, assign, update and transfer tasks in real time. Assign tasks to third party users with the use of support teams.

Organize custom locations, access reports and analytics on community related work. Customize functional workflow details.

Automate specific actions such as: assignments, notifications, update status, transfers, etc to enhance the team’s performance.

Tasks (Things or work to do)

Tasks are the lifeblood of PASALO’s ecosystem. Empower yourself and management team by monitoring each task in real time. Use the tools available to customize your workflow around the tasks you need to control, generating KPIs that add value to your operation.

Depending on the user’s role and permissions, let every team member post tasks, geolocate, assign, update and transfer tasks among other features.

To provide complete traceability, you define every different type of task, sub types if needed, status, completion time, media attachments, files and dynamic comments.

Using our map view, visualize and manage your tasks in realtime as you would in an Operations Control Center.

Add custom fields to your tasks for more intelligent segmentation and deployment, allowing customized reporting.

Automate actions around your tasks to save time, elevate performance and be more responsive.

You are unique! We offer a friendly and custom pricing model

PASALO is configured specially for your needs, we carefully study along with you the best fit and our team will recommend a special setup for special needs. We will be more than glad to help you side-by-side in this journey. Contact us and schedule a demo.

Who is PASALO designed for?

PASALO is a dynamic, customizable and flexible tool that uses state-of-the-art technology, which allows many operations in different industries to take advantage of its capabilities, among our current spectrum of customers:

  • Construction companies
  • Government service networks
  • Security companies
  • Sales forces teams
  • Field technical advisors
  • Maintenance services
  • Road safety
  • Rural operations
  • Technology teams
  • Graphic design studios
  • Architectural firms
  • Among others

Bring your team and achieve great things together

Schedule a guided product tour with one of our specialists and start making work flow.